Employer: How does Home & Tech work?

Home & Tech allows employees to choose from a huge range of technology via Currys and IKEA. 

Home & Tech works using our simple 4-step process 

  1. Sign up - If not already completed during your registration, you can instantly enable Home & Tech from the Extras Admin Home Screen by clicking the ‘plus’ button on the left of the tile. You can also sign up at www.techscheme.co.uk
  2. Shout about it - Tell your workforce about their brand-new benefit using your free marketing materials which you can find in our Resources Hub within the Extras platform.
  3. Approve and pay - When an employee applies to join the scheme, you’ll receive an email alert to review and approve their request via Extras and to countersign their Funding Plan. We’ll then send you an invoice and once this has been paid, your employee will receive their Redemption Code to exchange for their products at Currys and IKEA.
  4. Recover the cost - Once your employee has signed their Funding Plan, it’s time to start their salary sacrifice
    deductions. Your business will recover the full cost over the next 12 months.
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