Employer: How to request a refund

Refunds can be requested for either:

  • An invoice that has been paid more than once in error; or
  • A credit note, where the related invoice has already been paid

Go into the Home & Tech tab in your Myschemes hub and click on Payments. Invoices and credit notes that are eligible for a refund will have a “Request Refund” button next to them (as illustrated below). If you believe you should be able to request a refund for an invoice or credit note but a Request Refund button is not visible, please e-mail financebath@bhnetwork.com.

Please note you should only request a refund for an invoice if you have paid this in error or more than once. If an order has been cancelled, you need to request a refund for the related credit note generated and not the original invoice. If an order has not yet been cancelled, you will need to do this before requesting a refund.

After clicking the Request Refund button, a form is displayed. Please complete the form then click Create Refund Request.

Once you have submitted a request you can see the status of the refund in the Refunds section of Myschemes within the Home & Tech tab.

Please note: Refunds can take up to 10 working days to be processed and a refund will only be issued to the value an account is in credit. Refunds will not be processed where monies are owed to us, either in total or as a result of the requested refund. If the refund cannot be processed, we will be in touch with you to discuss the reasons why.

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